The Marciano Art Foundation


4357 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90010


Cost:  Free – Just need advance ticket reservations (Parking is free for 2 hours)

Behold!  Los Angeles has a new museum.  One of the great things about a now fully thriving downtown Los Angeles is all the new art and culture that is being attracted to the city.  The newest member of the diverse museums of LA is The Marciano Art Foundation.

The Marciano Art Foundation is a new contemporary art space.  The goal of the museum is to provide contemporary artists with large open spaces.  The exhibits that come to the museum are supposed to come frequently, thus making the museum a destination to visit often.

The museum is located in an old masonic temple, and they have taken care to keep as many of the original design and art around outside and inside of the building. Due to the history of the building, there is a room that is dedicated to the Masonic past.  The Relic Room, has a number of artifacts that showcase the Masonic paraphernalia.

There are a number of art exhibits around the building, so make sure you visit the three stories and fully explore the objects.

Overall, the museum is worth a visit and getting an exposure to the contemporary art of Los Angeles.

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