The Neon Museum

Basic Information:

Address: 770 Las Vegas Blvd North, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Telephone: 702.387.6366


Fees: Day Tours $15 to $19 / Night Tours $22 to $26

Parking is free.

Neon Museum Tour: 


Did you ever wonder what happened to the old neon signs of Las Vegas?  Where did they go once they were retired from the strip?  You can now find them here at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. The old (some very) and the newer signs are all stacked around this lot.  The museum restores these signs to full glory.  At night for the tours, they turn on neon lights and remind us all of the magic that used to be Las Vegas.  As you get closer to the museum keep an eye out for the restored signs that they have put back on the streets.  They can be seen in their full glory at night when the lights have been turned on.

The museum opened in 2012, with newly two acres of land to exhibit these now “retired” neon signs. Currently 11 of the signs are fully restored, however there are a number of signs available for your viewing pleasure.

The tours are guided and they provide the history of neon lights in Las Vegas as well as provide some information about the signs that are currently housed and showcased on the lot. Tours will take roughly an hour, but you will have more time to take photos of the signs.

The museum is a great place to get a bit of history of Las Vegas.

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