Walt Disney Family Museum

Basic Information:

Address: 104 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94129

Telephone: 415.345.6800

Website: https://www.waltdisney.org

Fees: Adults ($25), Seniors ($20), Youth ($15), Children 5 and under are free

Parking is free.

Presidio National Park Overview

The Walt Disney Family Museum is located within the Presidio National Park on the tip of San Francisco peninsula.  The Presidio of San Francisco is a former US Army base; since its closure in 1994 it has been transformed into a national park.

Walt Disney Family Museum Overview:

Visiting Presidio Park is certainly worth your time, and make sure you visit The Walt Disney Family Museum while you are there.  The museum is not affiliated with Disney Enterprises.  It was established by Diane Disney Miller, in an effort to document the life and accomplishments of her father – Walt Disney.  The museum first exhibited the artifacts of the Disney family beginning in 2012 and officially was renamed to Walt Disney Family Museum in March 2014.

Walt Disney Oscars

The museum hosts a number of family artifacts, including the Oscars Walt Disney received for his movies (including the one for Snow White).


Classic TV Shows and Movies

The site also exhibits some of the props used in the old TV shows and movies.  You can see the saddle used in the TV Show Zorro.  Amongst other artifacts that provided a glimpse into Walt Disney include photos with actors and artists that worked with him. There is a very cool detailed miniature of Disneyland that was shown to potential investors.

Disney Exhibits

Finally, the museum offers a number of exhibits throughout the year.  They include everything from the Walt’s love for trains to young animators movie festival.  Make sure you check out their website for the latest information and exhibits.


To purchase tickets you can purchase directly from the museum following this site:

Walt Disney Family Museum Tickets:


You may also gain access to the Walt Disney Family museum as well as other San Francisco sites by purchasing a CityPass.

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