August Focus – Italy

Summer travel is always a magical time.  Even in today’s chaotic post Covid travel season, with all the misery that has accompanied air travel to Europe, we all dream of travel to far off and magical destinations.  And while the definition of magical destinations will vary for each person, Italy is considered by many measures as one of those destinations. 

From the beautiful beaches of Sicily, to the colorful Amalfi coast.  Rome’s metropolitan and historical filled treasures, and the water canals of Venice.  The Tuscany region with Florence as its jewel, to the fashion forward city of Milan.  And many more cities and sites to see in between all of these destinations. 

There is no shortage of places to see in Italy.  So with that, we have decided to focus this month on some of those highlights.  

We started our series with the Trevi Fountain.  The beauty of the fountain the history behind it, and the aqueducts underneath it, will provide the unique view of the place that it deserves. 

With over 2000 years of history behind it, Italy offers a good mix of historical locations, modern sites, artistic destinations and heavenly food.  

Top view table full of food Sharing dinner with friends

So what is next in our adventure?  

Follow us as we explore more of Italy, from the famous locations to the hidden treasures.  

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