Palatine Museum

Palatine Museum is located on the Palatine Hill and was created during the second half of the 19th century.  Palatine Hill is located across from the Colosseum and visitors can easily walk to the site.  Palatine Hill also provides a great view of the Colosseum and the site is often missed by tourists. 

Fun Fact: Palatine is the origin word for Palace.

This site should be included as part of your visit to the Colosseum and often there are tours that combine the two activities. 


Palatine Museum was created in late 19th century by Pietro Rosa.  Pietro Rosa was an Italian architect and studied ancient Roman sites and conducted a series of excavations on the Palatine Hill.  

The museum which is split into two floors focuses on the artifacts that have been discovered in and around Palatine Hill. 

The Ground Floor focuses on early human inhabitants; and it includes artifacts such as tools and utensils found amongst the dwellings of early inhabitants. 

The First Floor focuses on the Roman artifacts from the time of Augustus.  The artifacts found on this floor provide a unique view of Roman Empire and the art that the leaders surrounded themselves with. 

For any Roman History enthusiast, we cannot recommend this museum highly enough. 

Fun Fact: Romulus and Remus who were the legendary founders of Rome lived in a cave on the Palatine.


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Palatine Museum

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