Doge’s Palace

Also known as Palazzo Ducale, is one of the more prominent buildings in Venice, Italy.  The palace was home to the ruler of Venice – which had the title of Doge.  The Palace was the seat of power in Venice Republic which lasted 1,000 years. 


Location:  Venice, Italy




Doge’s Palace was built in 1340 and was extended and modified as the year’s went by.  The palace was officially turned into a museum in 1923.  However, the location for the palace was in the same location as the republic’s official government location.  Since 810 AD, when Doge Angelo Participazio moved the government for Venice to the present location this Rialto has been used as seat of the power for the city. 

Bridge of sighs 

If you come around the building, you will see that Doge’s Palace is attached to another building via a bridge.  This corridor was built in 1614 to connect the government building to the Venice’s jail.  The corridor was called Bridge of Sighs as it was the last view of freedom for prisoners as they were taken from the courthouse to the jail.  

Art at Doge’s Palace: 

From the moment you enter the courtyard, you will be greeted by the two statues of Scala dei Giganti.  These statues were placed there in 1565 after 80 years of work.  

The Great Council Chamber is an amazing room with art surrounding you from the sides and the ceiling.

Golden Staircase provides you the path to see Doge’s apartment.  The decorated stair case may provide you with a more amazing visual art compared to your final destination of the apartment.  Various artists have placed their artistic touches in the stair case over the years that the palace was being renovated.  

There is a lot more art for you to discover at Doge’s Palace, make sure you leave yourself enough time to fully explore this location while you are in Venice.


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