Teatro La Fenice


The grand opera house of Venice, Italy

Website:  https://www.teatrolafenice.it/en/ 

Address: Campo San Fantin, 1965, 30124 Venice VE 

Review Ticket Calendar for current shows:  https://www.teatrolafenice.it/en/whats-on/?ym_filter=082022 


The grand opera house of Venice was built in 1792 after the initial opera house of the city was burnt to the ground in 1774.  There was a second fire in 1836, but the opera house was rebuilt quickly and reopened in 1837.  In 1996 as a result of arson, Teatro La Fenice was burnt down again (leaving exterior walls) and was rebuilt and re-opened in November of 2004. 

The current theater was rebuilt in the 19th century style based on original architectural design, photos and other information available to the design team. 

The motto for the new construction was:  “As it was, where it was” 


The history of Teatro La Fenice is a history of opera.  There are numerous world premiers of famous operas that have debuted at this location.  They include operas by Gioachino Rossini, Vincenzo Bellini, Gaetano Donizetti and Giuseppe Verdi. 

In 1828, during Napoleon’s rule of Italy, the opera house was decorated in blue and silver as they hosted Napoleon. 

Every corner of this opera house feels elegant and regal.  From the foyer with the amazing chandeliers guiding you to the opera house.  To the Royal Box that dominates the main performance area.  

As you enter Teatro La Fenice, you will be transported to the past and will embrace the regal beauty of the Royal Opera houses of the European’s Renaissance era. 

On your next visit to Venice, Italy; be sure to make time to visit this grand Opera house and take in its full beauty.


Please note that to purchase tickets for the show, you will need to buy directly from the Opera House. You can find more information here.

Tour of Teatro La Fenice:

The tour is approximately 1 hour and will provide the history of the opera house, the operas that have performed there as well as a tour of the royal box and the auditorium. 

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