Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Venice 


Website:  https://www.davincimuseum.it/#

Address: Campo S. Rocco, 30125 Venezia VE, Italy 


The museum of Leonardo da Vinci in Venice is a dedication to the genius behind the art that is still being talked about hundreds of years after his death. 

The museum is located in the building of San Barnaba Church which was built in 809 AD.  The museum itself is one of handful of museums dedicated to the genius that was Leonardo da Vinci.  


The museum is split into three areas:  Paintings, Inventions, and his papers and drawings. 


Reproductions of his most famous paintings including the Mona Lisa are showcased here.  This will allow the visitors to examine the paintings in closer proximity.  If you have been to the Louvre, you will note that there is a noticeable gap between where visitors can stand and the painting.  

Additionally, technology has been utilized to showcase the paintings.  This is the accompanied by detailed explanations around the paintings. 


Using Leonardo da Vinci’s papers, drawings and his diary museum has built out the machinery he had envisioned.  Each of the machines comes with descriptions in multiple languages.  And the best part is the museum allows hands on experimentation.  This will be something that the kids will enjoy and hopefully be inspired by.

Papers and Drawings: 

The museum has a number of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and papers on display.  


Please note that the museum is relatively small and you can get through the entirety of it in about an hour. 


You can purchase tickets to the museum here: 

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