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Address: Via Santa Margherita 1 Firenze 

Cost: 8 Euros 


You may have come across Dante’s famous poem in High School or College.  The Devine Comedy is not only considered a classic by many, but a must read for any fan of literature. It is considered the pre-eminent work in Italian literature. 

The Divine Comedy

The Devine Comedy was written by Dante Alighieri, and he began writing the poem in 1308.  He completed the work in 1320 just a year before his passing. 

Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri was born in 1265 in Florence and passed away in 1321 in Ravenna.  In 1965 Museum of Dante’s House was established to honor one of Italy’s greatest artists. 

Dante House Museum

While today little remains of the original building, the original building that was Dante’s birthplace was rebuilt in 1911.  However, Dante’s House Museum is located in the historical portion of Florence and provides the same feel as Medieval Italy.  

The Museum is split into three floors and it showcases The Divine Comedy as you walk through and explore. 

Explore the museum dedicated to the father of Italian literature - Dante.

Floor one:  is essentially dedicated to Dante.  From a biography of Dante, to the Battle of Campaldino which he observed, to Florence economy and politics at the time of his life. 

Floor two:  this floor explores Dante and his impact on Italian language and literature.  There is also a reproduction of his bedroom and writing desk for you view.  Finally, there is a room dedicated to The Divine Comedy.  

Floor three: This floor is a modern exploration of Florence and its past.  There are virtual reality headsets that allow you to walk through the old streets of Florence and see the city as it was. 


You can purchase tickets for Dante’s Museum directly here: 

You can also choose a private tour:  Walking with Dante in Florence

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