Accademia Gallery Florence


Also known as:  Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze 


Address:  Via Ricasoli, 58/60, 50129 Firenze FL, Italy 

Founded:  1784 


Accademia Gallery Florence

One of the most visited art museums in Florence is Accademia Gallery.  Not to be confused with Accademia Gallery Venice. The gallery is host to numerous works of art that represent the art of Renaissance.  And while the most focal point of this museum is statue of David, there are other important works of art to see while you visit. 

The museum was founded in 1784 for Grand Duke of Tuscany – Pietro Leopoldo.  

Fun Fact:  Pietro Leopoldo was brother of Marie Antoinette. 

Most of the artists that are displayed in the museum are originally from Florence.  The art pieces are also mostly from 1300 – 1600, which is till late Renaissance era. 

Art Collection


Michelangelo’s the statue of David is considered one of the most treasured art works from the Renaissance era.  For showcasing this statue a specific room called a Tribuna was created, to provide a 360 degree viewing angle.  The Tribuna was built in 1872 nearly 300 years after the statue was built by Michelangelo (Michelangelo began working on David in 1501 and was completed in 1504). 

Statue of David
Statue of David

Originally the sculpture was showcased outdoors, but because of worry of deterioration of the sculpture due to weather, it was moved indoors.  

There are other Michelangelo pieces of art that are housed at this museum.  They include: St. Matthew, Four Slaves, Pieta from the church of St. Rosalia. 

Other Artists

Rape of Sabines sculpture by Giambologna, can also be seen at the museum.  This sculpture is located in the Hall of Colossus and is the first hall you enter once you are in the museum. 

Paolo Uccello is another famous artist from Florence. He is considered the father of visual perspective in art.

Hall of Prisoners

The hall takes its name from the four large sculptures that are displayed.  Four prisoners were works of Michelangelo that were unfinished at the time of his death.  They were donated by his nephew.  

Four prisoners
Four Prisoners


This is the location for the statue of David.  There are other works of art in this area, one of the paintings is called Madonna with Child and was painted by Francesco Salviati.  The importance of this artist is that in 1527 there were riots in Piazza della Signoria and the right arm of David was damaged.  Francesco was able to repair the damages that were done to the statue.

Francesco Salviati
Madonna with Child

Gipsoteca Bartolini

This is a 19th century hall that was commissioned by Grand Duke Peter Leopold.  He requested that a gallery should be created so that students can learn from the masters.  The hall contains finest 19th century plaster casts by Lorenzo Bartolini.  


Tickets and Tours


Ticket costs begin from 22.50 Euros per person 

Book for tickets to the gallery: 


You may also choose skip the line tours that are available for this gallery here: 

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