English Garden


Also Known as:  English Garten 

Created:  1789

English Garden


English Garden (also known as English Garten) was created in 1789 by Sir Benjamin Thompson.  He was an American born British physicist and military man.  He served under the British loyalist force during the American revolution.  After the war he moved to England was knighted for his administrative talent.  Finally he moved to Bavaria and served the Bavarian Army Ministry.  

Garden location and style:

Temple English Garden Munich

The Gardens are located from the city center and stretch all the way to the northeastern city limits. It is one of the world’s largest urban public parks.  The reason it is named English Garden is that it is styled after English gardens with an informal landscape. 


Japanese teahouse – built in 1972 the Japanese teahouse and garden were created to celebrate the summer Olympics. 

Surfing – In one of the artificial streams, there is a a wave producing system put in.  Surfers line up for a chance to surf the stream. 

Surfing English Garden Munich

Chinese Tower – In 1789 a 25 meter high wooden structure was built which was supposed to resemble a porcelain pagoda that was in gardens of Chinese emperor. 

Chinese Tower English Garden Munich


One of the best things about visiting the English Garden is the various restaurants that are located in and around the park. You will find many options from upscale to fast food options. And if you visit during a rather pleasant day, grab some food from the local market and have a picnic in this wonderful park.

Regardless of the amount of time you have, there is some activity or activities you can pursue at the English Garden. 


The park is free to visitors. 

One fun way to explore Munich and English Garden is via a Bike Tour of the city. 

You can purchase your tour here: 

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