Brandenburg Gate


Address: Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin Germany


Construction:  1788 to 1791 


Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

London has the Big Ben, Paris has Eiffel Tower, New York City has The Statue of Liberty and Berlin has The Brandenburg Gate.  The landmark that defines and shapes the city and unites East and West Berlin.  During the partition of Berlin, Brandenburg Gate was located in the restricted area and could not be visited by tourists of either side. 

But now it is open to the public and is a must visit location when visiting Berlin.  


Brandenburg Gate was commissioned by King Frederick William II, and construction began in 1788 and was completed in 1791.  

Brandenburg Gate


On top of the gate, The Quadriga was placed; it is a two-wheeled chariot that is being drawn by four horses.  The horses reins are held by Victoria, the goddess of victory.  However, the symbolism was that it was bringing peace to the city. 

The sculpture was heavily damaged during World War 2, and a replica was created and placed on top of the gate in 1956. 

Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

Today, Brandenburg Gate sits as a symbol of union for the city of Berlin.  And while the Berlin Wall and the separation of the city is in the past; Brandenburg Gate showcases Berlin’s resilience, history with a view to a peaceful future. 


Option 1: Check out Brandenburg Gate on your own.

Admission to the gate is free

Option 2: One option to see the gate is to join a walking tour of Berlin. You can purchase tickets here:

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