Museum Island Berlin 


Address: Bodestrasse 1-3, 10117 Berlin, Germany 



Museum Island is a series of complex museums located in the northern part of the Spree Island in the historic heart of Berlin.  Museum Island is a mix of six (6) museums that are part of the Berlin State Museums. 

The complex was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.  

The development of the museums started by the order of Prussian Kings in 1830 and concluded in 1930.  

Museums that are part of Museum Island:

Ishtar Gate - Museum Island
Ishtar Gate
  • Altes Museum:  Collection of Classical Antiquities, and Greek collection 
  • Neues Museum: Greek and Roman sculptures, as well as art work from Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance 
  • Alte Nationalgalerie: It hosts a collection of 19th Century Art 
  • Bode Museum: Exhibits sculpture collections and late antique and Byzantine art 
  • Pergamon Museum: It includes a number of historically significant buildings such as Pergamon Alter (Ancient Greek structure from 2nd Century BC) and Ishtar Gate (Babylon) 
  • Humboldt Forum: Museum dedicated to human history, art and culture 

A full day or three days can be spent exploring these museums, and you will not mind the time spent here. The beautiful grounds, the masterfully designed architecture and the ancient art you will be transformed to a historic Berlin.


Visiting the Museum Island, will require tickets for each of the museums. 

Explore on your own

Option 1: Visit on your own

Tickets cost 10 Euros each; concessions are 5 Euros per person 

You may also purchase a package for all museums at 19 Euros, Concessions 9.50 Euro (Per Person) 

Tour Group

Option 2: Visit via a Tour Group Package 

This tour package includes a more inclusive option, a skip-the-line Pergamon pass with a New Museum Guided tour plus a pass for Museum Island 

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