Porsche Museum


Address:  Porscheplatz 1, 70435 Stuttgart, Germany

Website: https://www.porsche.com/international/aboutporsche/porschemuseum/ 


Porsche Museum


Original Porsche Museum opened in 1976, near the factory.  The space was small – enough space for only 20 exhibits at any one time.  Porsche began looking at building a new factory in 2003, and finally opened to the public in 2009. 

Today’s Porsche Museum can be found in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart; and it is a well designed, instagram worthy site to visit.  It is filled with artifacts that outline the history of Porsche. 


The design of the museum has been formed in a spiral format.  This means as you walk into the museum and begin following the exhibits to the left, you will see the history and evolution of Porsche in a chronological order. 


Porsche Museum Inside

The museum has over 80 exhibits being showcased around the building.  There are hundreds of restored Porsches on display.  And during your visit, there will be at least one model open for you to sit in and experience.  As of today, there are 700 cars on display, that includes roughly 200 racing models. 

Factory Tour

Porsche Museum Factory Tour

One of the more interesting aspects of the museum is the guided factory tour.  During weekdays you can take a factory tour and see the employees in action as they build out the cars.  Please check with the website on available dates; as there are some restrictions. 

If you are in Stuttgart, Germany; and if you are a car enthusiast, visiting the Porsche Museum should be high on your list. 


Option 1

Purchase tickets directly and visit on your own

Adults: 10 Euros

Children:  5 Euros 

Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays 

Option 2

You may also join one of various guided tours Porsche offers.  Full list of tours can be found following this link: 


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