Santa Clause Village 


Located in Lapland in Finland, it is 8 km north of Rovaniemi City Center.

Address: Santa Claus Village, Tähtikuja 1, 96930 Napapiiri (Arctic Circle), Finland



As a child you may have always dreamed of a day that you could have visited Santa Clause’s village in the North Pole.  Or perhaps even as a curiosity you wanted to visit the North Pole to see the Northern Lights, Reindeer, or even experience dog sledding.  If you had wanted to experience any of these activities, look no further.  You can now visit Santa Clause Village, located north of Rovaniemi, Finland. 

The village which is open year round provides a number of experiences and a great place to make memories with your family.  

And while the village is open year round, summers and winters offer different set of activities.  So make sure you check out all the activities and plan your trip around the ones that are inline with your interests.  

And don’t forget, while visiting Santa Clause Village to snap a picture with Santa Clause.


There are a number of places you can book to stay in the Santa Clause Village.  They include everything from hotels to arctic Treehouse locations, bed & breakfast options, cottages and for the incredibly outdoors oriented families, there are camping grounds.  Here is a list of all options. 


Yes, you can see reindeers at Santa Clause Village.  They are located in the Santa Clause Reindeer Resort – click here for more information

There will be reindeer rides available for the family, as well as getting a reindeer driving license!  Additionally in the winter, there are Northern Light Safaris available.  Reindeer sleighs will take you to locations to observe Northern Lights. 

Dog Sledding / Husky Tours

If interested in dog sledding or Husky tours, you will be in luck. There are a number of activities open to all visitors that allow you to experience this.

Arctic Circle

Santa Clause Village is located in the Arctic Circle and as such you can get a certificate for visiting there.  Please note that there will be a charge for this certificate.  For more information please visit the Shop of Christmas House Santa Clause

Additionally, if you mail a letter or post card to your loved ones back home, the mail will get the Arctic Circle stamp on it!  The letters can be sent from the Main Post Office

Northern Lights

Because the village is located in the Arctic Circle, you are able to see Northern Lights.  The season to see the lights would be between end of August to early April (during the non-season, the Arctic circle does not get dark enough to see the Northern Lights). 

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