Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum

Basic Information: 

Address: 9201 Balloon Museum Dr. NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113

Telephone:  505.768.6020


Admission: $4 (Adults), $2 (Seniors), $1 (Children 4 – 12), Free (Kids 3 and under).

Parking is free.


Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum: 

Hot Air Balloons are a serious thing at the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum.  At first site, one wonders how many exhibits can they possible be hosting at this location?  Well the answer is surprisingly a lot!


A day at the museum will provide you with exposure to the evolution of hot air balloons. There are exhibits that show the science behind the hot air balloons.

There is an exhibit around how hot air balloons were used during times of war; from Civil War to WWII.  The historic arctic exploration and how the explorers utilized hot air balloons also get their own little corner.


There is even an area where kids (and adults) will get hands on experience with hot air balloons.

Excited yet?  There is even more fun ahead.  If you visit the museum early in the day, there are daily balloon rides!

There is even better news if you love hot air balloons.  During the month of October, for one week there is a Hot Air Balloon Festival (in 2017 it happened October 7 – 15).  If you are interested in attending, visit Balloon Fiesta for the 2018 event (October 6 – 14).


Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival should be on list of places to visit with the family.  It is an unforgettable excursion.

Palm Springs Air Museum

Basic Information: 

Address: 745 N Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92262


Admission: $17 (Adults), $15 (Seniors), $15 (Children 13 – 17), $10 (Kids 6 – 12).

Note:  Family Plans are available $37 or $47 depending on age of children (Please check on their website)

Parking is free.

Palm Springs Air Museum: 

With Veteran’s Day fast approaching (November 11), it is a good opportunity to expose kids to the sacrifices our veterans have made.  But to educate kids while keeping their interest is the big challenge.

Palm Springs Air Museum will help you reach those goals with ease.  The museum is located by the Palm Springs International Airport.  It occupies, two large hangers and has  the largest collection of flyable planes from WWII.  IMG_3882

The collection of aircraft is not only from WWII, but also includes a number of marvelous planes from Korean conflict and Vietnam.

The museum allows up close interaction of planes, including the ability to go inside a B-17 Bomber (or the flying fortress).

Excited yet?  But wait there is more!  There are a number of model airplanes on display as well!


There are a number of well informed volunteers that can guide and help you navigate the large collection.  Through out the year, there are a number of programs and special programs, so make sure you check their website for the latest events.

We would highly recommend Palm Springs Air Museum for your next visit.


Location:  St. Helens, Oregon




With Halloween around the corner, many of you will come across the movie Halloweentown on the Disney Channel.  If you are not familiar with the 1998 Halloweentown movie, then all you need to know is that there is a town of supernatural beings.  Oh and Debbie Reynolds is in it.


But there is good news here!  Halloweentown is an actual city!  St. Helens, Oregon is the location the movie was filmed on.  But it gets better!  During the month of October, the city preps for the festivities with decorations around the town.

If simple trick or treating is not for your family or you want a nice change from the normal activities of Halloween, a visit to St. Helens might be a perfect choice.  The city has weekend festivals which will require purchasing of tickets; however, the cost is about $3 (Adults) and $1 (Kids) are not prohibitive.

St. Helens, Oregon is a fun place to visit during Halloween time, but the place is popular so make sure you book your travel plans in advance.

The Marciano Art Foundation


4357 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90010


Cost:  Free – Just need advance ticket reservations (Parking is free for 2 hours)

Behold!  Los Angeles has a new museum.  One of the great things about a now fully thriving downtown Los Angeles is all the new art and culture that is being attracted to the city.  The newest member of the diverse museums of LA is The Marciano Art Foundation.

The Marciano Art Foundation is a new contemporary art space.  The goal of the museum is to provide contemporary artists with large open spaces.  The exhibits that come to the museum are supposed to come frequently, thus making the museum a destination to visit often.

The museum is located in an old masonic temple, and they have taken care to keep as many of the original design and art around outside and inside of the building. Due to the history of the building, there is a room that is dedicated to the Masonic past.  The Relic Room, has a number of artifacts that showcase the Masonic paraphernalia.

There are a number of art exhibits around the building, so make sure you visit the three stories and fully explore the objects.

Overall, the museum is worth a visit and getting an exposure to the contemporary art of Los Angeles.

Hershey Chocolate World – Las Vegas



Hershey’s Chocolate World Las Vegas

New York – New York Hotel & Casino

3790 South Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109


Cost: Free

Activity: Hershey’s Chocolate World


Enter Hershey’s Chocolate world and you will not only be mesmerized by the number of chocolate bars surrounding you (as well as the variety), but more importantly the amazing chocolate sculptures will fill your Facebook and Instagram feeds for hours.

The store is located at the New York – New York Hotel and Casino (which has other attractions like the roller coaster to entertain the kids).  The store offers variety of taste walls (Jolly Rancher, Kisses), in addition, there is plenty of activities out there.

Explore Las Vegas with Kids

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The story of Dippy the Dinosaur 

In 1898 Andrew Carnegie was reading a newspaper and came across an article about a paleontologist that had discovered the largest dinosaur skeletons of the time.  Carnegie had just built his Natural History Museum in Pittsburg and wanted the bones for his museum.

Carnegie then charged the Director of Museum Dr. Holland to hire Bill Reed (the fossil finder of the dinosaur) and began their trek in Wyoming for additional dinosaurs for the Pittsburg museum. Dr. Holland hired paleontologist named Dr. Jacob Wortman to lead the additional efforts.

The discovery of the fossils happened on July 4, 1899 in Wyoming. The discovery of the fossils was news worthy as it was nearly a complete fossil skeleton of Diplodocus.  It was also the longest dinosaur ever found. A team member Arthur Coggeshall joked that they should call it “Star-Spangled Dinosaur” since it was found on July 4th.  The skeleton was shipped to Carnegie museum in Pittsburg.

Andrew Carnegie’s friends, however, called it “Dippy” when it first debut to the public in 1907.  The name stuck ever since.

Carnegie had a sketch of Dippy hanging at his Skibo Castle in Scotland.  During a trip to the castle, King Edward VII saw the sketch and asked for a copy of the dinosaur to be created for the London Natural History Museum.

The plaster was created and shipped in 36 crates to London and was put on display at the London Natural History Museum in 1905.

In total there were 10 replicas created and gifted to various museums around the world, including National Science Museum in Madrid, Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt and Museum of Natural History Chicago.

This year after 112 years on display “Dippy” will be leaving the London Natural History museum and will go on a farewell tour around UK.  The replacement for Dippy will be a Blue Whale.

In 1999, a fiberglass version of Dippy was created and placed in front of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Additional Reading: 

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