Mercedes Benz Museum


Address: Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart 



Mercedes Benz Museum

Karl Benz

On January 29, 1886; Karl Benz applied for a patent for his first vehicle powered by gas. It is considered the birth certificate for Mercedes Benz automotive.

Karl Benz’s first factory was built in Mannheim (about hour an half away from Stuttgart).  However, Mercedes Benz was first founded in Stuttgart Germany, where the National HQ and the Museum stand today. 


Mercedes Benz Museum

Established in 2006, the museum is dedicated to the vehicles that were built by Mercedes Benz.  They fill up the 178,000 Sq ft of exhibition space that is the museum.  There are over 160 vehicles within the walls of this museum and showcase the DNA of Mercedes Benz.  It stands near the factory for the company, and is only steps away from the museum.

Origins of Mercedes Benz Vehicles

Mercedes Benz Museum

You can see the evolution of these finely designed vehicles and go back in time as you get surrounded by vehicles of yesteryears. Make sure you visit the Exhibits Legend I; you can see the earliest vehicles designed by Karl Benz himself.  

Sustainable Fuel Vehicles

But cars of the past are not the only exhibits filling these walls.  Exhibits Legend 6 explores the work the company has done regarding alternative and sustainable fuels.  

The exhibits will entice you to continue your journey of exploration, as you walk through the rooms and explore the various cars, models, and history of Mercedes Benz; you certainly will not regret your decision for visiting this museum. 


Ticket Prices:

Adults:  12 Euros  

Teens (13 – 17 Years Old):  6 Euros

Children (up to and including 12):  Free 

Exploring the Museum

Explore on your own – Purchase your tickets here

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